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People say if you want links then a good way to get them is build a tool that people will use and allow people to use your tool on their site. The tool will link back to your site.

I have an idea for a tool. I could make it using you tube annotations. Basically :

1. Shows some pictures and then You get 3 options.
2. Dependent on option chosen at stage 1. You get some information and some pictures and up to 5 more options .
3. Dependent on option chosen at stage 1. You get some information about your choice and more related pictures.

Thats it, very simple but could be useful. My problem is that if I build it in youtube I wont get the links back to my site and risk everyone just using the embed code to put it on their own sites.

Can anyone suggest a way to build and host such a tool on my own site. Flash would be ideal I think but I do not have any programming knowledge so I would maybe need the assistance of some sort of tool builder app.

Your suggestions would be appreciated.
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