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Old 11-15-2008, 03:27 PM
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Default URIBL.com - Do Not Use Their Email Black Lists

URIBL.com is a site that maintains an Email Blacklist and this is from their About Us page:

"This lists contains domain names belonging to and used by spammers, including but not restricted to those that appear in URIs found in SPAM. This list has a goal of zero False Positives. This zone rebuilds frequently as new data is added."
Yes that's correct, domains found "in" spam are added to URIBL's email blacklist. Think about this for a second, i get your business email address and compose a spam email saying "Buy Male Enlargement Potions contact you@yourbusiness.com" in the message body.

I send it to my other email account, then report it to URIBL.com and your whole @yourbusiness.com mail accounts are blacklisted costing you thousands in revenue due to people filtering their mail based on URIBL.

Houston we have a problem!

You can be the most legitimate business under the sun, one that is totally against spam and does their best to fight it themselves. You can have a simple site MyFamilyName.com just for your family to share photos, it doesn't matter to URIBL.com they will list your whole domain on their spam blacklist due to someone who does not like you that files a fake complaint.

URIBL does not need to justify their actions, and it's impossible to show them proof you did not send an email which leaves the option of registering on their site and "sucking up" to hopefully get removed.

Remember, the email does NOT need to come from your domain and your server does not even need to have mail capabilities to be labelled an email spammer by URIBL. Your domain simply needs to be typed in to the message body of an email and reported to them as spam which anyone can do to you.

I hate spam as much as the next person, but the last thing we need is "Blacklist Cowboys" costing people thousands of dollars like URIBL.com does.

So if you need to mail Blacklist to filter your mail against, i highly recommend DO NOT use the services of URIBL.com

The other ironic thing, when i registered on URIBL their confirmation email ended up in my junk folder. Quite fitting really.
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