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Default Glossary of Internet Terms

Glossary of Internet Terms.

Absolute link – A link that shows the full URL of the page being linked at.
ABMs – Automated bid managers
ACSS – Aural cascading style sheet.
ACH – Automated clearing house network.
Adsense – Contextual ad network of Google.
Adwords – The cost per click ad system of Google.
AERT – Accessibility and evaluation and repair tool.
Affiliate Marketing – Helps the product owner expand their network through affiliate paying them on the basis of cost per action.
Algorithm – The formula that is used to rank websites.
Anchor text – The word on which the user clicks to follow a link.
ASCII – American standard code for information interchange.
Back link – A link from one website to another.
BBS – Bulletin board system.
Black hat SEO – Practicing optimization techniques that are not include in the techniques prescribed by search engines.
Blind Traffic – Traffic that is generated from misguiding advertisement and spam
Blog – A periodically updated online journal.
Bookmark – The process of saving your favorite URL in your web browser.
Boolean search – A search that uses mathematical formulas like and, or, not.
Broken Link – A link which is no more functional.
Byte – 8 bit.
Cache – Memory where frequently used data can be stored for rapid access.
CFML – Cold fusion markup language.
CGI – Common gateway interface.
Client – A person, program, computer or process that requests information.
Cloaking – Serving a specific page to search engine and a different page to human visitor
Clustering – Grouping of a number of similar things
Cookie – A text file that certain sites attach to browser’s hard drive.
CPA – Cost Per Action
CPC – Cost per click
CPM – Cost per thousand Ad impressions
Cross link – A group of sites linking each other.
DDL – Data definition language
Dead Link – A link that does not lead to a page or site.
De listing – Removal of a site from a search engine.
Deep link – A link pointing to an internal page within the site
DHTML – Dynamic hyper text markup language.
Directory – Catalog of websites. Basically categorized and manually organized.
DNS – Domain name server or domain name system.
Domain – Location organization of web. Some also refer it as web.
EARL – Evaluation and report language
Entry Page – First page visited by a user on a website.
EPC – Earning per Click.
Everflux – The process of constantly updating in indexes
External Link – A link that is not stored in the current server.
Feed – Process of allowing readers to subscribe content update notification.
FFA – Free for all.
Flash – Software that helps the website looking rich.
FTP – File transfer Protocol.
Gateway Page – Entry page, first page visited by a user on a website.
Google – A search engine.
GUI – Graphic user interface.
Home page – The main point of entry of a web site.
Host – Same as server.
HTML – Hyper text markup language.
HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
HTTPS – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
IDF – Inverse document frequency.
IM – Instant messaging.
Inbound link – A link to a site from another site.
Inktomi – Yahoo owned database of search results.
IP address – Inter net protocol address. Every computer linked to internet has a unique IP address.
Java script – A scripting language used by a client side.
JPEG – Joint photographic experts group.
Keyword – A word used to create a search statement to have required information.
Keyword Density – The no of keyword present in the content page. This is the old method of search engine relevancy.
Keyword Research Tools – Tool that help in finding the suitable keyword Link – The connection from one web document to another.
Link Popularity – A measure for number and quality of links to one site. This is one of the imp criteria for Page rank.
META Tag – Generally referred to Meta description or Meta keywords.
Mirror Site – A site that duplicates another site.
Navigation – Paths to help a browser know where they are.
Niche – A subject on which a website focuses.
Open Directory Project – A directory owned by AOL also known as DMOZ, the largest human Edited Directory.
Outbound link – Link from one website to another external site.
Overture – A yahoo owned company that pioneered search on PPC basis. Page rank – A measure devised by Google to measure number and quality of links to a site.
Portal – This is an entry site which offers the consumer with many services. E.g. Yahoo.
PPC – Pay per click.
Query – A keyword or question a user enters into search engine.
Reciprocal link – A link exchange between two sites.
Robots.txt – Text-based file that controls crawling of search engine spiders to certain content.
ROI – Return on investment.
RSS – Rich site summary.
SE – Search Engine.
SEM – Search engine marketing.
SEO – Search engine optimization.
Server – A computer that hosts files to deliver to other computers linked by a network.
Title – A heading for a website may include a brief summary of what it deals with.
Traffic – Visitors to a website.
Unethical SEO – Same as black hat SEO.
URL – Uniform resource locator.
Virtual domain – Website that uses a virtual server.
Virtual Server – A server allowing top level domains to be hosted from a single computer.
Wikipedia – An online encyclopedia that uses wiki software.
White hat SEO – Optimizing a site following the set of procedures described by the search engines.
XHTML – eXtensible hyper text mark up language.
XML – eXtensible mark up language.
Yahoo – A popular web portal.
You tube – Video uploading website owned by Google.
Zeal – A non commercial directory.
Zone – Some search engine allow their users to restrict their search to a particular area e.g. Google nation wise search.

This is just a brief explanation of some of the more common terms, however if you are looking for other great SEO tutorials with more in depth information on various other SEO terminology CivicSEO.com has a great resource full of Search Engine Optimization articles and content. If they don't have the information you want, you can even ask an SEO question and it will be published along with the answers.

I definitely recommend checking it out.
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hey thanx for all this.. i've copied it kept it in a text file to use it as a dictionary... :P
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wow, thanks for the information.
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Great ! ! ! Big help for new joiner to digest all information you've compiled and explain it with as much simplicity. In addition with your compilation I have also compile some related tips about seo common terms definitions.
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thanks for helpful information
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very helpful information.. thanks for postings...
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