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Default Do what Camtasia do with Snagit

It is a good idea to make a screencast to show off your product features or how easy it is to work with. Because people like to look at screencasts when they are thinking about purchasing software or web applications.

I believe you have known camtasia and snagit, as they are really famous software. But camtasia is a bit more expensive ($ 299); I think it was worth to buy only when you plan to do a lot of screencasting semi professionally. On the other hand snagit and camtasia are produced by the same company with the same quality, but snagit only costs $ 49.95 and it also can help you to record a video.

And what camtasia can do but snagit can not are:
1.Add audio for your video.
2.Export FLV file directly. (I am not sure whether camtasia can export FLV format )
The following tutorial will teach you how to solve the above weak points and save more money!

Step 1: Record a video with Snagit.
Snagit is not only screenshot software; you can create a video recording of your screen with the video capture mode. See full tutorial on its official site: http://www.techsmith.com/learn/snagi...eo-capture.asp
After the video is recoded, export it as AVI format.

Step2: Convert the AVI video to FLV format.
FLV format is the most popular streaming video format in internet now. As it has good quality and small size. You can find a lot of video converter by google the keywords, but I suggest you to try Moyea Flash Video MX. If you do not have the need to convert DVD to FLV and do not want to make a web player, you can use the Std version.
Import the video into MX and convert it to H.264 FLV or F4V. You can control the video’s size by adjust the video’s bit rate according to your needs.

In the next step you can add a controlbar on your video and add a redirection on your video.

Step 3: Add audio for your FLV video.
This step you need Moyea FLV Editor Lite. The Lite version is free version if you do not want any limitation you can use the Ultimate version.

It has two timeline, after you import the FLV video. Just drag the audio you recorded before into the audio line.

Step 4: Publish your video on your website.
At last let us see what benefits we can gain:
1.Save more money:
Camtasia cost: $ 299
Snagit 9 ($ 49.95) + Moyea Flash Video MX Std 6 ($ 59.95) + FLV Editor Ultimate ($ 0): $ 109.90
Choose the second method you can save nearly $ 190.

2.Get one good video editor:
As you see FLV Editor Lite is really easy to use, unless add audio you can use it to do many other editings.

3.Get one good FLV encoder:
Moyea Flash Video MX Std upgraded recently, now it not only can convert video to FLV/SWF, it can also convert FLV to SWF. And you can use it to add a cool controlbar on your video and publish it to your web.

4.You can add a redirection on your video.
You can add navigation on click and navigation at the end with Moyea Flash Video MX.

5.You will have 3 good applications with less money.

Download link (they all shareware):
Snagit: http://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.asp
Moyea Flash Video MX Std: http://www.video-to-flash.com/
FLV Editor Lite: http://www.exp-flv.com/

Hope this article will help you.
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That is really so superb software.. & very useful also...
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That one is good software with so many options...
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