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Default Hager ESC 125 Contactor switch wiring

Hager ESC 125 Contactor switch wiring diagram, for an Australian contactor.

The upper terminals labelled A1 and A2 are the active and negative wires to engage and disengage the contactor. When power is supplied to these, you should hear the contactor relay click as the relay turns on and then click again when the voltage is removed as the relay turns off.

Lower 2 terminals connect inline on the active wire of the device you are switching such as a hot water heater, pool pump etc.

So using a contactor can allow the use of a wifi switch like the Sonoff, or a smart plug such as the Brilliant wifi plug, TP-Link HS100 etc to control the contactor (A1 and A2). This means an inexpensive 2400w rated smart plug can turn on and off appliances with a large load, enabling home automation and remote control of pool pumps etc.

To Test:
Lower 2 terminals will have no continuity between them. When power is applied to A1 and A2 terminals, contactor will click as relay engages and there will be continuity created between lower terminals.
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