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tracy16 11-08-2008 03:07 AM

Competative Intelligence Keyword Research Tool

Providing country-specific keyword results is extremely useful when it comes to promoting sites which are aimed at web users in a specific country. For instance, garbage in Canada is trash in the USA, while rubbish in the UK. Hence, even though a country is English speaking, still, there are different keyword terms advertisers should research. All becoming a big part of SEO.

Two days ago, I have checked my web visit stats on one of the sites that I actively promote and I am happy to see lots of hits and traffic on it. I took a snoop at where people were coming from the site to see if my PPC advertising was paying off. And I was flattered to see that someone is using a keyword tool to check my advertising.

This tool sneaks on the keywords I am running for my ads!

I donít think I will ever see a Keyword Research tool that shows the exact terms I have been using in Adwords! Itís very interesting and powerful! This program is online and not just a piece of crappy software. It's called KeywordSpy, and to be honest, I excitedly jumped to its sign-up page after taking its free trial.

This is an interesting tool which can help you make your campaign more effective and your money is used in right place. "KEYWORDSPY" gives us the information about the bidding rates upon getting a paid subscription with them.

So in a way it helps advertisers to basically it is to help all advertisers in google who are bidding on google adwords campaigns so known as a "competitive intelligence tool"

Currently, Iím seeing good clicks from those terms I got from KeywordSpy and it feels good that Iím going in the right direction after seeing what it can do for my site.

Misa21 11-13-2008 04:22 AM

Thanks for sharing it to us.. Will try this one..

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