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Default Ultimate Search Engine Loophole Review

I just purchased a product called Ultimate Search Engine Loophole, and it's quite interesting. It supplies some "tricks" that caters to MSN to achieve high rankings quite easily.

They are not blackhat or anything that will get you banned in Google or any of the other search engines, but rather "things" or attributes that MSN favor and rank high.

MSN traffic also converts better, and this is interesting because while everyone is doing Search Engine Optimization for Google it's quite possible to dominate other engines and earn more revenue with a lot less work.

I'm not going to post what the Loophole is obviously, but has anyone else read the Ultimate Search Engine Loophole? If so have you implemented the tactics and seen results?

I have started and i'm seeing some good results, but i have not had it setup for long but so far it's looking promising. If you haven't seen it then you can read about it here:

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