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The Importance of Keywords in SEO

The first thing that comes to mind when SEO is mentioned is the keywords. The world wide web is dependent on this factor to measure the information wealth available on the Internet. We cannot find what we want if right keywords are not used while searching for a product, service, or information on any subject. Keywords are set of words, or short phrases used by people to get information on the Internet.

If you wish to create more visitors on your website, you should make sure that with the right words you get good rankings in the Search Engines. This are two steps involved; first finding the right keywords, and second is to optimize the website for those keywords.

How to select right keywords?

To find right keywords, first you need to know what the search phrases are used by people when they search for the product or service or product that are offered. The Google Keyword Tool can be used which will suggest keywords based on the search numbers made by people using them. If you work in a competitive niche market like "weight loss" or "website design", then you have to pay extra attention to select not too competitive keywords. When you select keywords of high competition, then to achieve better ranking in the major search engines becomes difficult. In such cases, using other keyword should be the strategy to get traffic to your website.

To reduce the competition you can select keywords based on location. If your product or service is limited to a certain city or country, use geo-filters as part of your keywords for website optimization. Instead of using 'website design', you can use 'website design Paris' or something like that. You can use secondary keywords and lengthy search phrases to reduce competition. It is observed that the longer key phrases get you targeted traffic. Narrow down your audience instead of appealing to a wider group. For example, try 'weight loss after dieting', 'weight loss for working men' instead of 'weight loss'. Instead of one word keywords, you can drive the required traffic by using long key phrases.

Therefore, to find the right keywords, you have to know your industry niche well, and cannot randomly select keywords, that you feel are best. The process of keyword selection must involve industry research. Check out how your competitors have done their websites optimization and with what keyword strategy they are using to attract visitors to their websites.

One important point is to focus on few keywords instead of having a long list of keywords. This way your efforts will not go in vain by the long list that you have chosen for your website.

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Default Re: SEO Keywords

Yeah, keywords play a crucial role in search rankings of your site. So be careful and select appropriate keywords that matches to your content, then your site will become a winner in all search engines. Thanks for sharing...

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Hello Everyone,
Keyword and Seo is the most important part of Website promotion.
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Default Keyword research

Hello All
Your information reg Keyword is Fantastic. Since Keywords plays the major role in SEO you need to be care full wile selecting the keywords. I likes to Add some ponts which You need not Do while Selecting Keywords.
Most of the people Do the following MISTAKES while selecting the Keywords. Hope you dont do this Mistakes like
1. Targeting keywords that people never use
2. Confusing keyword popularity with keyword appropriateness
3. Not considering user intent in keyword selection
4. Selecting single word keywords
5. Keyword misalignment
6. Not considering the competition
7. Failing to periodically review keywords
8. Not allocating enough resources and time to perform good keyword research
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Right. websites which have best keywords often have high ranking
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Default Re: The Importance of Keywords in SEO

Hello All of you frnds...
According to me Keyword is the most important part of Website promotion beacause those website that have best keywords often have high ranking.
So always select appropriate keywords that matches to your content so that your site can got high rank in all search engines...
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