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Default Let's Make Your Site No1 Shall We?

Making Your Site No1

There is a simple way of making your website rank top of the search engines and well optimized. Well there is no guaranteed technique to rank number one, especially for the more competative keywords but you can maximize your chances.

Step 1. Before buying the domain name think what your business and website services keywords and targetting. Try to get your keyword in your URL. Or if you already have a website try to make your websites home page content matches the URL. It's know Google gives a bit of a boost to Keywords in URLs. Look at the URL of this page for an example.

Step 2. Define your website content in 6 to 10 keywords you want to rank for and make that as your Title tags.

Step 3. Make your heading a short heading that matches the content, title tags and URL.

Step 4. The first heading keywords are very important, many search engines even google grab the first piece body text as the description. You should start this heading with something catchy that includes your keywords. This will be seen on Google's index page, and is what entices visitors to click your link over others.

Step 5. Do not place too many keywords, this is called keyword stuffing and can harm your site. Also do not place too many diffrent keywords.

Step 6. Place your keywords in the Meta-Tags which are used to detail your website. Write keywords 30 to 60 words which are related to your website, and what user should type to find your services. Keep the Description related to the starting paragraph of your website and URL.

Step 7. Place keywords in your website links. This will also add to your keyword density and relevence.

Step 8. Place comment tags inside the script in such a way you can edit in the future and this will add to keyword density, but don't over do it (keyword stuffing). This is quite useful in pages like an image gallery where there isn't much natural text.

Step 9. Always use the title Attribute even though these does not influence any search optimization but helps in keyword density.

Step 11. Links from various websites back to you. This is VERY important with Google, the more links pointing to your site the better you will rank. You should be carefull where your links are listed. Do no place links where they are not related to your website. Any link you place use your keyword as anchor text. Also alt text in images.

An example is using Webmaster Resources

Instead of


Using anchor text like this with your link on other sites, as well as your own will help rank the forum for Webmaster Resources as in the example i listed.

Step 12. Maintaining the common theme throughout the site will help easy categorization and optimization. If you have diffrent categories in your website it could be better to do this using sub domains or diffrent directories and follow the same steps for each directory or subdomain you make.

Step 13. Backlinks (write articles, comments etc and place your links in same contect websites), Link Exchanges, write other webmasters in your niche an email offering link exchanges, Maximum Links (do not place more than 60 outbound links on a page), site map (configure you website error 404 page to site map. In case any broken links in the site will bring back to the site map. Site map helps visitors and search engines to follow your website easily.

Go to the top search engines, type the top keywords of your website & see which websites are shown and analyze the content they made. Following in the footsteps of the highest ranking site in your niche is a good tactic. Get links where they get links etc.

These are only the basics, best of luck laying the groundwork in your path to Number 1.
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My lots of concept are now clear after reading this article.
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Thanks for your informative concept
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Great list! Very helpful.. Thanks for sharing it to us..
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Default Re: Let's Make Your Site No1 Shall We?

Thank you very much for your tips. I will follow the steps given by you.
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great tips for newbie just like me. thank you admin
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Thanks For such a good and informative article. It includes the useful tips for newbie.
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Nice list! it's helpful.. Thanks for sharing it to us..
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