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TheRelationshipCompany 01-28-2009 03:08 PM

Site Review - TheRelationshipCompany.com
Took me a while to include all your suggestions in my Dating Site . But I think I am making progress.

I have redone the layout completely, to make the site more informative and aesthetically pleasing. I have added a blog which I try to update every day (after careful consideration, used /blog instead of sub domain blog.)

The three primary components of search engine optimization

1)on-page optimization

Title: Instead of using "The Relationship Company" as the title for everything, I have started using unique Titles. Also stopped using "The" in the title as I learned this doesn't help me in anyway.

Main page title is Dating and Matchmaking for Singles - Relationship Company

Local Singles Events - Relationship Company etc.

Removed "Keywords" meta tag.

Working on unique "Description" tag. But have a question here. Should I really do this, and let google and other decide on their own what the page is about?

off page optimization (in bound links)

Keeping in mind your suggestion about using an ANCHOR tag which includes my keywords, if you go to backlinkwatch.com, I have started using Dating, Matchmaking, Singles etc word to link to my website.

Google has found 8 back links, which is a good start (I think). Work in progress

cross site optimization.

I am yet to work on this. I will start googling this and hopefully can figure this out. Any tips for a newbie?

Thanks again for all the effort you put in reviewing my site.

Cameron Sharpe

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