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Default Getting Indexed in Google and other Search Engines

The Truth About Search Engine Indexing

You have no doubt heard all the buzz about getting backlinks to your website in order to attain a higher pagerank to move up on the SERPs or rather Search Engine Results Pages.

This is not only a buzz but it is pure FACT!

You cannot achieve top search engine positions without concentrating on gaining links to your website from other “relevant” websites, I don’t care what any marketing guru says.

Are you aware that pagerank in no way determines how high you are listed in the SERPS? The factor that counts is Relevant Backlinks and the good old days of modifying your Meta Tags to manipulate the search engines is over. Meta Tags help, however this won't do it alone and overdoing this aspect can be seen as "spam" or trying to artificially manipulate the results and lead to penalisiation.

I am sure you have heard this time & time again so I will spare you the long winded explanation…

I urge you to read every word of this article as it directly effects your online business and its overall success. I am going to clear up some misconceptions floating around about getting your website crawled by the Search Engine Robots and achieving a top position for your keywords and niche.

I am going to show you a way that has been proven through research to be the most effective and least time consuming to get high rankings for your keywords in a very short amount of time. First I will start off with some big misunderstandings that are going on.

The Big Blog & Ping Misconception

For the last year and a half the blog and ping strategy has been the search engine optimization method of choice in the marketing community as a way to get your websites crawled by the big 3 (Google, Yahoo, MSN) and others.

At the beginning this strategy worked very well and webmasters were seeing fast indexing and getting top 10 positions especially on Yahoo within a matter of days. New blog and ping software started popping up all over the place.

That gold rush is now over. Increasingly mass automated blog accounts are getting shut down especially by Blogger and WordPress. The search engines do not like this strategy and are penalizing webmasters for using it by giving them lower positions in the SERPs & de-indexing their websites. Search engines can now easily see that a blog with no backlinks and zero pagerank buzzing about a new site with no backlinks or pagerank is an obvious attempt to fool them into indexing the new site higher in their SERPs.

To avoid getting that red flag placed on you, you need to acquire relevant backlinks and get indexed naturally first!

Read the above sentence again!

This is far easier than you think, requires no software and requires less time than churning up a full force blog and ping campaign. It will also get you indexed higher and faster than the blog and ping strategy.

You will also realize that Google AdSense will pay you more per click on the same keywords!

You see… You can blog & ping all day long to 1000 blogs and your sites will get crawled by the search engine spiders BUT...

You won’t get top positions in the SERPs unless you have a respectable number of backlinks which contribute to your Pagerank, Authority and trust factor.

Don’t get me wrong, blog and ping still works but you won’t get indexed as high in the rankings. This isn’t some whim of mine, I have actually tested one method against the other & have verification straight from the mouth of Google.

If you use blog and ping to get indexed initially you will raise all kinds of red flags with the search engines. If you have been doing blog and ping lately from Pagerank 0 blogs then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You may not get de-indexed from blogging and pinging but you are penalized by getting less than optimal search engine placement and your click revenue from AdSense will suffer big time.

Believe me, the search engines are onto the blog & ping game.

Consider this…

Do you think Google can afford to buy the same software and e-books that you buy? Do you think Google frequents or is a member of some of the same forums that you are?

Google is all over the latest strategies. They have employees and eyeballs everywhere because they have to be! They spend millions of dollars annually to employ and keep on top of the strategies you use every day. They do this to protect the integrity of their systems.

As I have stated, there is a way that is more effective than the blog and ping strategy for getting indexed & gaining the important backlinks & pagerank you need.

Heck, you don’t even need blog and ping using this strategy & Google and the other search engines will love it!

Being the skeptical marketer that you are (as am I), all I ask is that you read my article and then decide for yourself.

First think about how blogging & pinging works.
  • You set up a site
  • You then create a blog and post to that blog with links to the pages of your new site.
  • You then ping your new blog to invite the spiders to crawl your new site
  • You wait for indexing
The basic flaw in this strategy is that your blog has a Pagerank of 0 so your blog is not seen as an authority and does not weigh very heavily on a search engines algorithm to index you anywhere within the top 100 or 1000. Sure, you can get indexed in the top 10 under some obscure and less trafficked keywords, but why spend your time ranking for a bunch of small keywords when you can index high under some big keywords from the start?

You can work hard or you can work smart. The point of this article is to open your eyes to a smarter way of doing things.

Now there is another strategy to get indexed and rank high in the SERPS and that is to buy PR5, PR6, PR7 & PR8 links and have them point to the sites that you are trying to get indexed using keyword anchor text.

This strategy works because you are recognized by an already established web site that has high authority in swaying the search engines to crawl your site and index it higher. Backlinks are counted as a "vote" for your website, and the more votes plus higher Pagerank or Important the votes you receive, the higher you will rank.

You don’t have to blog and ping because the website posting your link is already massively crawled by the spiders. The spider comes in and sees your link on website.com and then instantly crawls your site, no pinging necessary! Your site is crawled and indexed naturally. This is the search engines most favored and well rewarded way of getting indexed.

The only problem with this strategy is it costs some serious money. A good PR8 Link will cost between $250 - $350 a month! It is an expensive proposition & getting 10 to 15 PR8 links is very cost prohibitive to most marketers.

Another problem with this strategy is that pagerank is often faked using black hat redirect techniques & many sites selling links do so for the profit & have little regard for the negative effect of having 20 - 30 “for sale” links coming of their page.

The most important reason to veer away from this strategy is, the search engines hate it & will pass penalty upon you and the site hosting your link if they find out that pagerank is being passed through “links for sale”.

How do you get around all of this?

Are you tired of crappy indexing results and working long hours just to make a few dollars a month?

We can assist with your Search Engine Optimization, and get you ranking fast. We have years of experience in the Search Engine arena, and can show you examples of SEO work currently ranking on page 1 for 100 Million plus search result terms beating all the "big guns" and their mega-budgets.

This is the difference between making a few dollars a month and making thousands!
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