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SEO Search Engine Optimization, this section lists articles and tutorials on Search Engine Optimization for various Search Engines including Google, Yahoo & MSN. We provide SEO hints, tips and other free goodies to help you optimize your site and to start ranking well in the Search Engines.

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Default About Taree Internets SEO Services

Interested in Taree Internets SEO Services?

Firstly, many people have the misconception that Search Engine Optimization is confusing, costly or have the belief that "oh it's ok my site will probably do ok without it".

This is all incorrect. SEO is very easy to comprehend with our custom reports as you will see with the examples further down the page. Our site analysis reports explain in simple laymans terms all the important details regarding your site, as well as your competitors and how you compare so that anyone can understand them.

SEO doesn't have to be costly, our SEO specialist has been doing this for nearly 8 years and knows how to maximise results for minimal costs. Putting it bluntly your not paying for someone to tweak this, experiment with that hoping to come up with something that works like some other companies. We identify and target the key areas that will have maximum impact to bring your site to the first page of search engines resulting in maximum exposure and sales for your online presence.

For example, we done a SEO test to show results with our article on Office 2007 and how to speed it up. We chose this because Office 2007 is new and largely talked about, plus it's a well know fact it's slow.. So the experiment tutorial will actually prove useful to people searching.

We purposely chose the weakest page on our site, ie a new forum post that's a few clicks away from the homepage.

Within about 48 hours these are the results:

No.6 for "Speed up Office 2007" - 78.9 Million results.
No.1 for "Speed Start up Office 2007" - 29.2 Million results
No.8 for "Speed up Outlook 2007" - 6 Million results.
No.9 for "Speed up Microsoft Office 2007" - 23.3 Million results.
No.9 for "Speed up Microsoft Outlook 2007" - 1.7 Million results.
No.7 for "Speeding up Office 2007" - 85.8 Million results.
No.9 for "Speeding up Microsoft Office 2007" - 23.6 Million results.

This is just a sample, our logs show dozens of other Microsoft Office related keyword combinations we are ranking page 1 for. We are even beating the official office.microsoft.com page on alot of these terms.

Also note, Taree Internet is not about Microsoft office so this is stacked against us as search engines give more "weight" to sites dedicated or "themed" towards this topic.

We also specificially didn't put this content on our strongest pages, which would of resulted in us ranking higher. We also didn't obtain any backlinks to our URL from other website's, this would of strengthened the outcome even more.

So, as you can see.. Multiple page 1 rankings for competative terms (85.5 Million Results) with only partial optimization.

We can show you hundreds of such results upon request, however this quick & simple "in house" test was done as an example as we do not publish our clients due to privacy.

What will you do for me?

We target both on and off page aspects. On page is things such as your page code, keyword density, URL's, META tags etc. Yahoo places a high importance on such factors, however Google places more weight on off page factors.. So by optimizing both it keeps the major search engines happy and keeps you ranking well on them all.

Off page factors include relevant backlinks to your site, as well as anchor text. Anchor text is the text used on a clickable link to your site. Example:

Search Engine Optimization

Anchor text is very important to Google, the above example tells Google that URL is related to "Search Engine Optimization" and hence will rank that page higher when someone types that phrase in to Google search. The more pages that have your URL & Anchor text, the higher you will rank for that term. Also the more important these pages containing your link, the more "weight" it carries. For instance, 100 low ranking pages displaying your link & anchor text may be equal to 1 strong page displaying the same thing.

What we do is target these pages that provide the maximum benefits to your site.


Firstly we will provide comprehensive reports of your site, your competition and what needs to be done. Also note, if you just want a complete analysis of your site this service can be done for just $20

These demo reports were performed on Tareeinternet, focusing on the keyword "Taree". Please note Tareeinternet is not interested in ranking for this word as we market worldwide, the keyword was used as a demo of the reports only. Although we rank page 1 for this term, our optimization for "Taree" is poor so it serves a good example... Plus we don't want to publicly display reports for out main keyphrases.

Top Ten


This report does an analysis of the top websites for your chosen keyphrases or words you want to rank for. As you can see, it provides in depth information of Taree Internet in comparison to the other top 10 sites for the term "Taree". It tells you all the competitions information on why and how they are on page 1. This cuts the legwork and costs involved by enabling us to pinpoint the relevant strengths of these sites, then we target these key areas for your site and go one better which will pull you through the ranks to page 1.

Inbound Links - Top 10


The Top 10 inbound links report shows all the links pointing to the Top 10 websites, and their anchor texts in comparison with your site. Again, this pinpoint how you compare and what off page factors need to be improved and by how much for you to rank number 1. No time or expense is wasted targeting pointless areas or wondering, have i done enough, how far off the top sites am i or what do i need to do.

Keyword Density


This report provides detailed information on keyword density. Keyword density is the ratio of your keywords compared to all other words on your page. If your keyword density is too high, the search engines can see this as "spamming" by repeating the same keywords over and over. On the other hand, if you don't mention your keywords enough the search engines may deem your pages not that related to the topic.

Keyword density is a fine balance, get it wrong and you may end up 100s of pages back in the search index where you will never be found.

Different keywords require different densitys, for instance "casinos" or "gambling" may have a much lower threshold before your on page text is considered spamming then say "fishing rods".

What we do is conduct a keyword density analysis on the top sites for your chosen keywords, enabling us the "hit the sweet spot" first shot. Most other SEO companies try a hit and miss affair with keyword density, changing text then waiting to see the results, then changing text adding more or less keywords then waiting and so on. We will nail the optimum density saving time and money with your SEO work.

more to come, compiling other reports....
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