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Default Highest Paying Adsense Keywords List 2009

Here is a list of the current highest paying Adsense keywords from 1-100. I have put them in an image so i don't wind up ranking for a bunch of Mortgage terms not related to this site.

If you don't want to know how to rank for high paying keywords, just scroll down to the list. If you do want to know, read on...

No before i put up the keyword list, i just want to point something out. Many people just think "I can't rank for these terms, so the list is pointless" well you are totally wrong.

It's simple to rank for high paying keywords!

I will show you exactly how to do it, and don't think oh you own Taree Internet and ranked first page for "SEO" on Google.com so it's easy for you. Well it is easy, all i'm using is Micro Niche Finder and you don't need to be a fantastic SEO you just need to be smarter and not better.

Ok, in Micro Niche Finder i punched in the high paying keyword "Loans" which is also ultra-competitive. It bought up a few hundred "Loans" keyphrases, then i sorted them from highest paying to lowest paying just by clicking the "Ad Cost" column.

I then checked the SOC (Strength of Competition) for the Top 20 highest paying which lets you know how easy a term is. Here is just 2 contrasting terms i pulled from the results:

If you take a look at "Consolidation Loans" it has a pretty difficult 3.8 Million competitors for the term in quotes, ad cost is around $24 and it gets 18,100 visitors per month.

You will see in the right column "Strength of Competition" and a Red X icon with a score of 47,500. To sum it up, the Red X means difficult to rank for, and the 47,500 is a number calculated from various factors like allinurl, allinanchor, allintitle and higher means harder.

NOW.. Look at the "Private Loan Consolidation" term, it has an Ad Cost of $24.36 (25c higher) it only has 150,000 other pages in the results for the term in quotes and it has a respectable 4,400 searches per month.

The Strength of Competition gives a Green Tick and a score of just 33 for difficulty meaning pretty darn easy to rank for. There's only 693 other pages out there with the term in the URL and only 1,260 with it in the page Title which we know are factors.

If you ranked #1 for that term, with a 5% CTR on your Adsense and 4,400 visitors a month you would be looking at 220 clicks per month. If each click payed 50c that around $100 per page per month!

So, i've just demonatrated two high paying terms getting the same amount per click however one of those terms is very easy to rank for and the other.. Well most people couldn't rank for it if they tried.

This took 5 minutes of research instead of months of trying to rank for the wrong terms. Proof, you can achieve results and rank for high paying keywords with ease.

Also in the tool is the "Commercial Intent" which is often called Online Commercial Intent or OCI for short, bluntly means what are the chances are of a person searching for that term making a purchase. The higher the better, for instance a search for "Todays Weather" will have a horrible OCI but a search for "Buy Shoes" will be exceptionally high.

This is not really important for Adsense sites, but it's critical if you are selecting keywords for a business or an SEO client but i thought i'd mention it anyway because many people don't understand it's importance.

If you want to know more about this tool, you can read my Micro Niche Finder Review


Highest Paying Adsense Keyword List

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