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Default Meta Tag Information

Meta Tag Information

Here you will find some helpful information regarding Meta Tags. To create Meta Tags the easy way, head over to our Free Meta Tag Generator. We have even made the script availiable for download to use on your own website, just check our Free Scripts section.

Abstract Meta Tag:

Definition: The abstract meta tags and description meta tags are very similar to each others, except that the abstract meta tag is much shorter. The abstract meta tag shuold often be only one short sentence, which would describe the whole web page.

Example: <META name="abstract" content="SAMPLE">

Author Meta Tag:

Definition: The author meta tag is used to describe who created the web page. It is often used with both author's name and email address.

Example: <META name="author" content="Smith, John, Johnny@email.com">

Copyright Meta Tag:

Definition: This tag may contain copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other information to protect your intellectual property. The copyright tag is usually not considered as a qualified copyright of a web page, and will not protect your site's content. Consult your lawyer before using this tag.

Example: <META name="copyright" content="SAMPLE">

Description Meta Tag:

Definition: The Meta Description tag is one of the most imporant tags of all the meta tags. It shuold describe your web page with around 25 words or less. Some search engines will use this tag and publish it in their search result pages, usually below the title of your site.

Example: <META name="description" content="SAMPLE">

Designer Meta Tag:

Definition: This tag is used for pointing out the designer of the web page. The designer tag is not used by any of the big search engines.

Example: <META name="designer" content="SAMPLE">

Distribution Meta Tag:

Definition: There are currently three types of distribution tags: Global (the entire internet), Local (for local distribution only) and IU - Internal Use (not for public distribution). This tag should not be used for restricting distribution. If you do not want to publish your page in search engines, use the robot.txt method.

Example: <META name="distribution" content="global">

Expires Meta Tag:

Definition: The expires meta tag is used to defineing the expiration date and time for the web page. If your page will not be valid any longer, then use this tag.

Example: <META name="expires" content="Tue, 25 Jun 2002 15:42:12 GMT">

Generator Meta Tag:

Definition: Used for defining the name and version of the tool which the web page was made with.

Example: <META name="generator" content="SAMPLE">

Keyword Meta Tag:

Definition: Search engines that are supporting meta tags will often use the keywords tag to categorize your position in the search engine result pages. It is strongly suggested that you do not abuse this tag. Do not repeat same words multiple times and do not use unrelated keywords.

Example: <META name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2, keyword3">

Language Meta Tag:

Definition: Search engines that index web pages based on language often read this tag to determine which languages are supported. Often used for non-english and multiple language sites.

Example: <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Language" content="EN">>

Publisher Meta Tag:

Definition: Very similar to the meta generator tag.

Example: <META name="publisher" content="SAMPLE">

Refresh Meta Tag:

Definition: This tag is used for refreshing a web page. A delay value in seconds can be added, which after the page will be redirected to the refresh URL. Do not use this tag. Most search engines will only index the redirected URL.

Example: <META http-equiv="refresh" content="X;URL=http://url.com">
(X = Delay in seconds)

Revisit Meta Tag:

Definition: The revisit meta tag determines how often a search engine should revisit the web page for re-indexing. Use only if you plan to update your content on a regular basis.

Example: <META name="Revisit-After" content="X">
(X = Revisit in X days)

Robots Meta Tag:

The robots meta tag is used to determine if a search engine robot should index your page. With this tag you can determine if you want your page to be indexed or not and the links to be followed or not. In general, you should use the robots.txt method to restrict robots from accessing your pages, since the robots.txt method is more widely used.

Supported Tags: index | noindex | follow | nofollow
Example: <META name="robots" content="index,follow">

Subject Meta Tag:

Definition: The subject of a web page. This tag is also not used anymore by the big search engines.

Example: <META name="subject" content="SAMPLE">

Title Meta Tag:

Definition: Similar to the <title> tag, but this tag isn't used by search engines anymore.

Example: <META name="title" content="SAMPLE">

There you have it. As you can see the major search engines of today don't rely on Meta Tags as much as they did in years gone bye. Their algorithms have advanced to the point where they use other factors that can't be manipulated as easily as Meta Tags can be. However it's still good practice to use the major tags outlined above such as Description & Keywords to define what your document is all about. Also some of the smaller search engines still rely on Meta information heavily.

The Meta Description is very important as this is the snippet of text that displays in the Google search results. So always try and make your Description enticing to click on, as well as being descriptive about your pages content.

Don't forget, if you want to generate Meta Tags the easy way try our online Meta Generator http://www.tareeinternet.com/meta/meta_gen.php

Or you can even download the script FREE to use on your own website http://www.tareeinternet.com/forum/f...generator.html
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There's so many meta tags I can't hardly remember them all
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Default Web Designer

These tips are very helpful for me I have followed then and hope I get better results for my personal site "http://www.mohdasif.net"

Thanks for useful tips
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nice information about different meta tags, thanks for sharing
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Smile yeah

Thanks,man so so so so much
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If i want to apply H1,H2,H3.... tags, what will be the tag??
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very long article..lot of things to grasp....will take time but still thanx
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This is simply great..... I think mod has solved many of our problems by posting such a great summary of meta tags.

Thanks mod.....
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hi there,
I am new in this forum and i read this post very care fully in my thinking all of these meta tags are not necessary only meta keywords and description tags and a title tag are most important in on page optimization i see in most of times Google bot and other search engines focused on website title tag and then get relevancy from keywords and description tag so i think use not necessary meta tag in page is totally wast of time.
just focus on you website title, keywords and a keyword rich description tag.
But remember use page relevant keywords or phrases in these three tags.

Good Luck
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thanks for sharing your article.. nice information..
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