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Default Information From an SEO Client

Information From a SEO Client

I have just finished a one month Search Engine Optimization plan for a client who was so happy with the results, he wanted me to post up a quick screenshot of his new stats on Taree Internet.

I started this project towards the end of March and finished around the first week in May. The first week consisted mainly of conversing with the client, performing keyword analysis, conducting site reports etc. So i thought i'd give a brief overview of how the SEO process works here at Taree Internet, as well as posting my clients stats (yes he can't stop talking about it).

Firstly a bit of background. My clients site has been online since November 2005 and after the first few months of being online it hit a plateau in terms of visitors, sales conversions and basically growth. The site was at a standstill, not pushing ahead and yet not going backwards. My client done everything humanly possible for someone with no knowledge of SEO, to handle everything right from the sales to the promotion and he done an excellent job considering no knowledge of SEO.

Throughout 2006 the site averaged approximately 100 unique visitors per month coming through on 2 different search terms, one being on page 2 in Google and the other page 3. While this may be low traffic to some sites, these figures were just acceptable in this niche but not being on page one really effected traffic and only exposed him to a very small volume that the search terms were capable of.

This is my clients traffic for 2007

As you can see by the traffic statistics, business increased dramatically for my client and the graph has a sharp upward climb. I started actual optimization work on the site 10 days before the end of March and the graph begins to reflect this. Also most notably i finished the project at the beginning of May and the traffic and results are still rising in June through to today.

To give a better understanding of the gains, the graph is as follows:

The traffic is approximately 90% natural search engine traffic searching for my clients various keyphrases, meaning it's highly targetted traffic which is alot more likely to convert in to sales. The remaining 10% is coming in via the different Off-Site development methods used to elevate Search Engine rankings.

The site went from being found by 2 keyphrases on pages 2 & 3 to having just over 50 page 1 rankings.

First step was to conduct a site report which analyses every aspect of the site, from On-page factors to the Off-page link profile... and most importantly the competitions website to see how we compared and what needed to be done to beat them.

By doing this it takes the guesswork out of what needs to be done, and lets us get straight to the point with a clear target in sight. It saves crucial time and money, pretty similar to making a car go faster.. Why throw time and money at the engine when your gear box is no good and is letting you down.

The next step before even touching the site was Keyword Research. This is probably one of, if not the most critical aspects of Search Engine Optimization and this is where alot of SEO's fail.

Not all keywords or phrases yield the same amount of daily searches and traffic, and even slight variations in keyphrase can mean the difference between thousands of visitors per month in some sectors. When you search a phrase on Google, the amount of results it displays in no way represents how often it's searched.

For example, at the time of writing Taree Internet ranks Number 5 for the term "Internet Design Company" which has 220 Million results. Sounds impressive doesn't it, being the fifth best site on the planet for "Internet Design Company". Wrong this term brings in very little traffic, however i did not try and rank for this term it's just a by-product of ranking for other similar terms. Had i intentionally targeted this phrase i'd be pretty unimpressed with the time and effort i would of wasted in comparison to the traffic it would bring.

The other point to Keyword Research is striking a balance between daily search queries for the term, and actual competition. What i mean by this is, there may be two terms that bring in very similar traffic however alot of sites are trying to rank for one term yet the other has far less competition and is more economical to rank for but brings in identical results.

After compiling all the data, the sites pages were optimized one at a time and Keyword Formatting was used to target these high traffic, lower competition keyphrases mentioned earlier. Page and internal link structures were optimized, and numerous other SEO enhancements were done to the site.

This On-Page optimization is done first, because when focusing on Off-Page optimization the frequency of Google Bots indexing is increased dramatically so sending Google to a not yet optimized site is not good practice.

After the site is fully optimized, the Off-Page SEO is conducted to increase link popularity. This is done via a number of different methods to diversify the inbound links. Alot of SEO's source backlinks via one method for example using Article Marketing, this is not good practice because Google can devalue certain backlink types at any given time meaning your site will drop fast. So even if you don't choose Taree Internets Search Engine Optimization services, i strongly urge you to stay away from a SEO who uses these practices.

Anyhow, this is a brief "run down" on how the SEO process works. I know i've skipped over alot of details regarding what's done exactly however this information has taken me nearly 8 years to perfect, so i'm not about to post exact details. However alot of people are really unsure how the whole SEO process works, and this serves mainly to inform customers what the process is before ordering.
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