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Default Search Engine Reputation Management

Firstly, What is Search Engine Reputation Management?

Before i get to the point, let me go off on a bit of a tangent. Google, and the leading Search Engines contain Billions of web pages and people are increasingly turning to these mediums to aquire information.

In days gone bye, people would gather their information from either books like Encylopedia's or from a third party ie a friend or family member. This seriously restricted the flow of information because simply put not everyone has the resources or desire to publish a book, and secondly the number of friends and family we have is rather limited compared to the connectivity of the web.

Books like Encylopedia's tend to stick to proven information or risk getting sued, and the publishers are known and can be held accountable for the information. The Internet on the other hand has more of an anonymous presence where the person publishing a Web Page could be anybody, anywhere in the world. Laws between countries can be a bit "grey" making it difficult (not to mention expensive) persuing incorrectly published information.

Do you know how much it costs to set-up a web page or site? Nothing, you can do it for free and there's thousands of free hosting companies who will happily give you a sub-domain and Web Space with nothing more then an E-mail address (also free) as confirmation.

How long does it take to get exposure? 24 Hours and you can have a new web page in the Google Index, and availiable to a global audience via search queries.

So.. We have gone from requiring thousands of dollars and months of work to publish a book, to having a wider reach overnight for peanuts.

This can be a great tool, however what if the information was not only untrue but also had an impact on your business or livelyhood? This can become your worst nightmare, especially when the person publishing the Web Page lives in a 3rd world country where the legal agreements virtually prevent you from taking action. This can happen, and does happen every single day.

It can be a disgruntled customer you bent over backwards to please, or even a competitor in your field trying to damage "your" reputation for their own personal gain. It also can be just a matter of somebody documenting the facts incorrectly. The New York Times have just published a 2 page article titled When Bad News Follows You which offers some insight in to the problem, and discusses Search Engine Optimization.

People remember negative aspect in life, you can do something right a thousand times and you get it wrong just once and everybody knows and will remember it. Mention the company Exxon, the first thing that springs to most people's mind is an Oil Spill.

Suppose this detrimental Web Page or Information ranks page one on Google for a query of your business name, or own name? Or even worse ranks HIGHER then your business, you are doomed.. This is where Search Engine Reputation Management can assist.

So as the name implies, Search Engine Reputation Management or sometimes called Negative SEO tailors the search results to return the optimal Web Pages for a given search query that suits you. Meaning only positive information is returned in the prime Real Estate and any negativity is pushed back in the results where it's not visible.

Isn't this illegal, or can i get banned?

No it is not illegal and no you cant be banned from Search Engines. We use promotional techniques on your site that comply with all the top Search Engine's Webmasters Guidelines. It's akin to your competitor having a 6 foot Billboard with negative material about you or your company, and we have state approval to put up a 60 foot Billboard right in front of it obstructing it from view.

We also identify good Search Engine Optimization characteristics in other positive documents (site's and/or URL's) and apply the same principals to these as well causing the effect of swamping the Search Engine Results with only positive web pages.

Due to the techniques we use, this also assists rankings for your targeted keywords and phrases as we are performing Search Engine Optimization to your site which increases link authority and in turn results in higher rankings.

Do you need a good reason before you go knocking Web Pages out of the Search Results?

No and frankly we don't care about the reason you require Search Engine Reputation Management. Not to sound heartless, but we get employed to perform a task and that's what we do.

How much does Search Engine Reputation Management cost?

The price varies on a number of factors, some tasks can be extensive while others can be relatively easy so pricing can only be given after we have evaluated the task. It is slightly more costly than regular Search Engine Optimization as we are promoting multiple URL's instead of one, however it is much cheaper than the lost revenue from having negative Search Engine Reputation.

For more information, feel free to Contact Us.
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