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Originally Posted by Dan Schulz View Post
I didn't say to target the low-hanging fruit exclusively. I said that if that's what an SEO does that he's failing his client. Nor should an SEO focus on the more competitive words exclusively either.

So, what to do? Target the easy to rank for keywords, get them to #1, but make sure those easy keywords contain the more competitive keywords in them. That way you're not only getting keyword rich link text for the easy ones, but the harder ones as well (which Dan The is once referred to as "staged promotion").
Good. You defend quite well. However, using low competition keywords is done for a starter website. Once it does get some traffic and a page rank, Then we will be switching to higher competition keywords.

There are many parameters used to select the keyword to target.
Compititor b/ls
internal pages
site's PR.
Alexa rank.
Overture volume
Google Search Volume.

We need to consider all these and find a good keyword, which is relevant, which finds traffic faster and gets good search listing. We call this process Keyword Research.

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Smile Re:Important Things In SEO

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Thanks man have a nice post

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Fresh quality content is really important with quality related backlinks it can help your site to rank on SERP..
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Fresh quality content is really important in SEO, other your web promotion should be on relevant side its more important thing, quality back links
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Good tips for beginning SEO out there.
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Default SEO Web hosting

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Default Important Things In SEO

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