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Default Search Engine Optimization For Your Brand

With traditional Search Engine Optimization the primary focus is on keywords, if you manage to rank on the front page for the primary words or phrases related to your business, you get visitors. Simple right?

The is a couple of flaws or problems with this.

Who are you?

You are a nobody, i don't know you from a bar of soap. Even if you manage to rank #1 for your ultimate keyword, when i click on your site if i have never seen/heard of you before chances are i will click around just to check your prices and offerings then leave to compare the info with companies i'm familiar with where i'll likely buy.

People want safe. Especially with the economy down, consumers want to reduce risk and i've noticed they will pay more to do so.

Amazon.com Share Price - Nov 08 to Present:

Should i buy an item from some site i don't know from a bar of soap for $10 less, or should pay a bit more and get it from somewhere like Amazon.com?

Lots of people mention the Amazon name on the web, not many people say "Buy from whoever ranks first on Google".

So you have an instant conversion problem, sure that keyword may bring you 10,000 visitors per day but if only 5% buy then a whopping 9,500 people are really just a negative. It costs you money in bandwidth to have them visit your site.

Sure you can pull your page to pieces, and squeeze a few more percent in conversions with common marketing tweaks and trial and error but the fact is a lot of people are just going to bounce because your a nobody. Your visitors are "cold".

For example, after starting TareeInternet i decided to rank for the term "SEO" because many people in the industry looked at it as the "Holy Grail" of keywords. Roughly 4 months later i was in the Top #5 results from 220 Million other sites, outranking many people i look at as some of the best in the industry.

It sucked. Why? Because nobody knew me from a bar of soap, why should they use the services of someone unknown. Most people clicked my link to see who i was rather than to buy, so i dropped the keyword.

The other problem with keywords....


Select any short, descriptive phrase related to your products or services that will attract prospective sales and you can bet it will also attract competition. Chances are lots of it, and the chances of you ranking #1 from the millions of pages is slim.. But the chances of keeping that ranking for the long term is much slimmer.

Do you want a large percentage of your income riding on a keyword you could lose overnight?

You could play it safe and ensure your site has great long-tail traffic and key phrases, in other words thousands of phrases such as "Super Blue Widget DX-6000 Prices" that only bring a couple of visitors per day but on a large scale make up good volume that converts really well.

This is more suited to large sites, with lots of content.

Why not "make" high search volume keywords you will dominate?

Not only make keywords with high search volume, but make terms that convert at a much higher rate than ranking for generic keywords.

How do i do this?

Well lets take a look at what terms bring the bulk of traffic for different sites.

Ebay.com - Maybe, Online Auctions?

Nope, their Top #5 terms all contain the "Ebay" brand name and no doubt a huge percentage of all their terms do. Their chance of waking up and this has gone from Google:

Basically None, in fact they dominate 49 of the top 50 results when searching on Google for Ebay.com due to their clever use of subdomains and only Wikipedia has managed to slip a result in at #25.

Amazon.com - Maybe, Online Shopping?

Same story again, their brand name is a huge provider of their traffic and sales.

Google.com - Maybe, Search Engine?

Yep, you guessed it!

Would you prefer to fight daily for that trophy keyword, or build a brand people actively search for? Sure you can do both, but many people spend 100% of their time doing the keyword/backlink thing and 0% of their time doing the Brand thing when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

What would happen if you spent the same amount of time, effort and money promoting your brand as you spent on that trophy keyword?
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In some ways, you're right. Keyword branding is a much effective strategy if you want your website up in the first page.
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Old 06-09-2009, 01:50 AM
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great writeup...you did awesome obtaining those kws but you need to have another factor which is the branding..I think this can be done outside of SEO though, even if there is some overlap.
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Old 06-10-2009, 07:03 AM
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This is only way to fetch the quality traffic or hits to your sites .
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Very nice discussion! very useful information! thanks.......................
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