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Default #1 (permalink) Report Post Google Cache internal Pages But not indexing?

Hello ,

I have site www.exxxample.com, Now Google cache my internal and show date 2 days ago pages like (www.exxxample.com/ex/exam.htm )but not shown in index when i check the site:www.exxxample.com/ex/exam.htm so why Google not indexing my pages.

I put index, no follow on the page so it will create problem ?.. but if that the issue then it shows the some of the pages in index but only 10% of my site. so why Google not indexing.
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I guess, what your are doing, does not worth! well just keep it up!
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I don't know if the no follow link affects indexing the page. I research about it and I came up with Loren Baker's article about how Google, Yahoo and Ask.com treat nofollow link attribute

2. If a site has no web citations and only has one link pointing to it, and that link is from a Wikipedia entry, would your search engine find that site and index it even though the link uses a No Follow attribute?

* Yahoo : Yes, the link is available to our crawlers for finding the target. Then the target will be crawled and indexed based on our algorithms.
* Google : Assuming that link is still no-followed per Wikipedia’s current practice, we will not find much less index that page (remember, this is page, not site related; if links to other pages on that site are not no-followed, we will see and potentially index those pages).

On a related note, though, and echoing Matt’s earlier sentiments… we hope and expect that more and more sites — including Wikipedia — will adopt a less-absolute approach to no-follow… expiring no-follows, not applying no-follows to trusted contributors, and so on.
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