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jennypretty 09-13-2009 11:12 PM

SEP Tips from Webmaster Guru
Hi Webmasters:
I have been online a few years and still can not understand clearly about how SEO works.
I write at least 3 articles to post on my blog for one site and submit to 7 social bookmarking sites.
At the same time write 3 different articles to submit to about 30 article directories for this site.
Each article directory I will have 3 links multiply by 30 = 90 links.
However, this site does not get indexed for some keywords. My site is about 2 years old.
I also have another site that I use the same method and write ONLY 1 article a month and do the same.
This site gets good traffic for some keywords than that other site that I write 3 articles monthly.
Why is that? I do not understand how SEO works.
Please advice.
Your comment/suggestion is appreciated.
Thanks very much and have a nice day.

zaizaices8 09-16-2009 10:39 AM

First of all, how did you know that google didn't indexed your website? Did you use this method:

In Google SE type: cache:http://www.example.com/

If your site appeared then Google did indexed your website. If not maybe you got penalized.

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