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Default Article Submission and SEO

Lots of Seo's discuss the need to submit articles for SEO purpose but where you submit has as much if not more impact than the fact that you submit.

Lots of Article farms lock the content behind closed doors or the site itself requires searching function to find your content. I.E. They are not robot friendly at all.

Understanding that Google stages the content it finds can help you understand how and where to submit.

Does the Keywords in the title have an effect? Yes/No

After 400,000 News stories TIME is the factor on that answer. Google is best explained in Bursts or Pops of information.

Short pop listings use the title and the keywords in the URL to determine keyword strength.

Submitting articles to Prnewsnow will yield a top Google rank in usually less than 12 hours. The url will reflect the title as part of the location. This is done to Help search engines focus the audience on the intended content and allow them to deal with Fast breaking or quick updated news. This is how you get into google in such short time via Press sites. It should be noted that this ranking is PRE-CRAWLER. While submitting your clients to Prnewsnow in the morning and showing them a number 1 google rank that after may sound like a great sales pitch. Bewarned if the title has keywords that are hard to fight for. I.e. Vegas, hotels etc etc. The content better be outstanding and not read like a SEO wrote it. These get flagged for REAL people to check them out.

The next step is crawler actually parses around the information and links and even permanent linkings to that article. This is the Medium Pop or Medium Burst. Here you will search google for the title of your article on day 3-5 and find that the URL has been updated and the keyword rich url is removed from the listings in favor of the shorter serialized URL. Space is one reason Google does this, More importantly its a short term trust with the site that allows its content to get immediate access to top serps and then a friendly navigation that allows it up date that url to one that is managable with such large volumes of content.

Dealing with the release you just made in terms of content whoring and how you link to the Press release determine its move from Medium pop to long term pop

Long term pops are the key that most SEO's really look for and Google guards the PR rank for pages of this nature very carefully.

The Home page for the Open Free release only ranks a PR3 this is because it is Open and too many SEO's don't write content that people actually want to read. Where as any of the categorized information has a PR 4 or better. These are trully editor controlled content and the PR reflects it.

Of the content pages that have PR rank this usually come from the company that actually links back to its own PR. Google sees this as Natural for a company to display itself and its releases in the news, as they should it is natural.

Google seems to be able to tell easily those who are just trying to promote for the sake of promoting. They put their press releases on their own website then issue them publicly hoping the duplicate content filter will force theirs higher. Game over on that scam, Google is not even ranking sites that do that in the top 3-5 pages with a content title search.

When you use any Press release system its important to your SEO to let the system do its job. Its the PR companies job to get your content ranked. If you want that article on your site post it on your site and YOURS ALONE, let the chips fall where they may on ranking.

Keep in mind Google is using realistic goals when it comes to traffic. The goal is not to increase your unique visitor counter its to increase your sales/readership. PR companies act as a filter and those readers who click through the article are Highly motivated buyers/readers. They have already heard what you have to say and they want more.

How you treat these motivated readers is the next place where SEO's fail in article submission.

Linking people into your SEO pages via Keyword rich links maybe in THEORY good for your ranks on that keyword but usually is not a quality conversion of motivated traffic.

Examine your writing and realize that the article/Press release is a remote extention of your website, in fact your visitors are only a click away. So remember when your borrowing the power of a PR company not to waste the traffic that company gets for your content on robot optimization, Make people want to read more and click through the article to your website.
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