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jennypretty 07-17-2010 10:19 PM

What is the best SEO method to get and maintain traffic
Hello friends,
The only two SEO methods I still use to get traffic are:
1. Submit my new page(s) or blog article(s) to social bookmarking sites.
2. Submit articles to article directories.
Some days I get more traffic and some days I get less traffic on my sites. When I check on my hosting stats, I see a few clicks from some article sites that I submit my articles to, and none from social bookmarking sites.
What did I do wrong?
How do I get and maintain traffic?
What else should I do?
Any advice is appreciated.

Benivolent 07-22-2010 12:18 PM

you can also go for Social networking sites.........which will also drive more traffic.....

Jenie0109 07-23-2010 06:18 AM

Facebook and twitter are good place to get good traffic.

Lisandroaden 08-20-2010 04:39 PM

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Search Engine Optimization is both an art and science!

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