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Default Preventing “The Slap” 101

Throughout recent years, more and more marketers are getting slapped by Google Adwords. Various reasons can be attributed to this action. One major way to prevent Google from slapping your account is by increasing your quality score.

Are there other ways to bypass Google Adwords or prevent its slap?


There are ten ways that are extremely effective and have helped my PPC activities.

1- Make sure your site has a Google Sitemap
2- Always use the appropriate keywords & meta tags
3- Build your site on a blogging platform; like Wordpress. This avoids needing to hire an admin since the account area enables you to take charge of the content.
4- Having pages on your site that include pages such as the home page; which is critical, the about page, and the contact page.
5- Register a good domain name, one that is not too “salesy”.
6- Attach affiliate links to a resources or a contact page.
7- Include an opt-in form, and be clear about what you are offering in this form. Put it in a clear location that can effectively attract visitors to enter their info
8- Have outbound links, links to other articles and/or sites.
9- Include back links w/ high ranking on your sites from social media sites such as Digg, Facebook, and Twitter.
10- Do not talk about money on your site. Money claims; especially the “cheesy” ones, is a great way to alert Google and have them slap your account.

What are great Alternatives to Google Adwords?

Great alternatives to Adwords have been Bing PPC and Facebook Advertising. Facebook Advertising targets the interests of your target audience, rather than a certain keyword, and has also surpassed Google in regards to traffic, offering a much more expansive way to market a product, business, or service.

Google Adwords can either make or break marketing activities, the key is recognizing what Google wants on a site or avoiding Adwords altogether.
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Nice information......you can also add more information about payper click on Google adwords and slap so that it will be more usefull........
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