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Benivolent 10-03-2011 07:26 AM

Pay Per Click Management ( PPC )
Pay Per Click Management ( PPC )

Responsible for managing PPC Campaigns. Setting up, managing & tracking campaigns effectively in terms of budget, conversions, keywords research and tagging, A/B testing, biding efforts on Google Adwords & Bing.
Manage and track campaigns.
General Responsibilities
Will be responsible for coordinating various online marketing initiatives running across various platforms.
Excellent Analytical skills
Expert in web 2.0 technique
Track visitors trends and take action ( website revisions, usability etc. ) accordingly
Identifying market gaps and taking appropriate action to tap them
Analyzing and keeping a track of competitor activities
Assisting in the plan and implementing the launch of new campaigns
Interacting and coordinating with the designers to make websites, marketing material etc.

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