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johnsmth.096 08-26-2008 10:48 AM

Google Analytics Tool
Based on my company current needs, I am seriously considering shifting to any advanced analytics tool (Currently using Google Analytics). I hope the community can help me choosing one.

Here is what we need to track. I will try to explain in steps for easy understanding

1. We have a lead capture form (contactus.html) and google tracking code placed on the conversion page (thankyou.html)

2. The form submitted data will get stored in our sales force software (stored as email messages).

3. Lets assume we get 10 leads (emails) in a day. Getting deeper, out of 10 emails we received, The "first 5 emails" were referrals from 'Site A' (i.e. Visitors who clicked our website URL placed on Site A, filled the form and reached conversion page). The "second 5 emails" were referred by search engines. This information can be tracked from Google Analytics (i.e., which referral has sent how many leads).

4. But when we see the 10 emails in sales force, we need to be able to identify the actual referrer of each and every email i.e.

Email 1 – referred by ‘Site A’
Email 2 – referred by ‘Search Engine’
Email 3 – referred by ‘Direct’
Email 4 – referred by ‘Site A’
Email 5 – referred by ‘Site A’
Email 6 – referred by ‘Site A’
Email 7 – referred by ‘CPC’
And so on

This data would be extremely helpful for the sales team and can prepare accordingly before contacting the sender/ client.

I am not sure whether this can be tracked through google analytics using some advanced filters?

Or if you know any tool that can do this, please let me know.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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