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Red_Virus 02-19-2008 07:51 PM

Kayupress - Free Wordpress theme
Hi Guys,

Check out our latest free wordpress theme : Kayupress

Kayupress (means Wood in the Malay language). It's a 3 column theme with idtabs (good script by Sean Catchpole) and comes ready for 125x125 ads, flickr photos and more.

The KayuPress theme is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, The 2 links in the footer (5Shades Website Templates & 5Shades Web Hosting) must remain intact.

You do not have to worry about custom field for this theme as it's not implemented, however i highly recommend you use these plugins to get the best out of the KayuPress theme:
1. flickr-rss
2. edit-comment-xt
3. myavatar
4. wp-pagenavi
5. wp-polls
6. popularity-contest
7. subscribes-to-comment
8. feedcount
9. show-top-commentators

I have compiled all the plugin above into a single zip file, if you want you can download it here


Demo | Download the theme

Enjoy :)

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